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Unlimited Tools & Support

  • Imagine that you have a team available 7 days a week, ready to support you in the launch or development of your online business, whether on a technical or marketing level, for the low price of 'a shared insurance.

    This is what Reso.Ai offers with its UNLIMITED Support (Zen & Sun Pack).


    The digital world is evolving rapidly, and it is not easy to always be responsive and up to date, especially with the arrival of artificial intelligence. Technical and marketing challenges can slow down your growth and waste valuable time. Reso.Ai is your support solution.

    Whether it is to create your business, your website, sell your online training, automate your sales, create a landing page with email sequences, or even boost your influence on Instagram..., We help you to do all this! With Reso.Ai, you are not alone


Unlimited platform


  • Email Marketing & AI
  • Web Trainings
  • Online Store
  • Chat'Bot: DM Automation, Scheduling, Instagram & Messenger...


Coaching + Tools


  • Web support
  • ❆ Marketing support
  • All tools(unlimited)
  • ❆ 7d/7 Support


+ Automated business


  • ❆ Creation of yourWebsite
  • Automating of your sales
  • Support 7d/7
  • The Tools (unlimited)

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It's included!

Email Marketing I.A.

Discover an irresistible and intuitive tool, supported by artificial intelligence (AI). You can create your own engaging newsletters and automated email sequences, with no subscriber and sending limits. The AI tests your “Spam score” and prevents you from delivery failures.

Give free rein to your creativity, sell more and impress your audience with magnetic and personalized emails.

Transform your email marketing into a sales funnel, with an unforgettable emotional experience.

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Web Pages

This tool allows you to create Sales and Capture PAGES easily, without any particular technical knowledge.
You can finally put a web page online quickly, automatically connected to your email sequence, to capture the first names & emails of your prospects.

Realize your ambitions and bring your online offers to life in just a few clicks!

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Sell your training

Share what you know, we help you get paid for it. This tool allows you to easily broadcast and sell your video training, but also your podcasts and digital products.

All the best functions are there, such as access to time-shifted courses (each day, after validation of the previous one...), online payment or "live" coaching! Take advantage of a member area dedicated to your customers without programming or technical knowledge!

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Support & Coaching

Our support with the associated web tools are of great value for your business. We have invented the first “Shared Technical & Marketing Support”! Like insurance, it's paying together, in a shared way, to prevent someone from having to pay a higher amount alone.

Do you have a technical problem? A web marketing need...? Call us ! It’s included in your Reso.Ai offer

Contribution: €77/month (or €777 per year with -20%).

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Save £250/month

With Reso.ai “all in one and unlimited”, do without “complicated” and “expensive” systems.

Replace Systeme-io, ManyChat, Learnybox, Brevo, Podia, GetResponse, ActiveCampain, Kajabi...

You just need 4 Things to grow your business:

1· Generate traffic via social networks;

2· Create a sales page and an Instagram Bot to capture your prospects;

3· An Email Marketing platform to automatically sell your offers to your audience;

4· A payment platform with member access to content.

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What our Support includes

❆ Advice & Marketing Strategy (Insta & Social Networks, Web & AI...)
❆ Technical Support 7 days a week
❆ Business creation (contracts and legal advice, etc.)
❆ Installation of custom web modules, tools & scripts
❆ Advice (video, podcast, web training...)
❆ Analysis of results & optimization

community management

Step 1

You register online (or contact us directly).

2nd step

We prepare what you need and install your access to Reso.Ai

Step 3

It's ready. We are here to support you 7 days a week.

Beautiful Vibrations await you...

Some works

Here is a small range of our achievements and web strategies for groups (L'Oréal, Climatelec · EDF, Data7...), companies or entrepreneurs.

Here is a small range of our achievements and web strategies for groups (L'Oréal, Climatelec · EDF, Data7...), companies or entrepreneurs.

intelligence artificielle marketing
community manager
Réseautage LinkedIn
référencement naturel SEO
gestion des médias sociaux
L'Oréal Marketing Émotionnel
marketing d'influence
marketing instagram
augmenter ses followers instagram
spécialiste réseaux sociaux
likes instagram
followers abonnés par cher tiktok
vues instagram
Serveur Relay SMTP API
Brevo meilleure alternative
Coworking Booking Script
Hébergement web cloud et Site web
ManyChat alternative
DM Instagram Chatbot
Our Priority · Your Satisfaction

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Support is Excellent!

The Reso.ai email marketing platform is well designed. Unlike other complex systems, the functions are simplified. You write your email, select your audience, the sending method, and everything is done. You save precious time.

LinkedIn business
Sylvie (Switzerland)

Awesome platform!

Before, I struggled with lots of little technical things on the internet. I spent hours looking for solutions and tools to meet my needs. With Reso.Ai, I contact them, they take care of everything, in 30 minutes everything is sorted! What more ! I'm satisfied.

SEO pour réseaux sociaux
modération des communautés
Joël (France)

It feels good !

Before, I spent astronomical amounts of money to manage my site and my marketing. Whenever I wanted to change or add something, I had to pay. It only took me a week on Reso.Ai to change my mind. And their advice is always relevant.

storytelling digital
publicité programmatique
Tania (Bali)
CEO, Life Coach

Our team

Our team is made up of experts in their fields, pooling resources. We help you make a living from your online activity, by boosting your image on Instagram and offering you our marketing strategies and tools.

Our team is made up of experts in their fields, pooling resources. We help you make a living from your online activity, by boosting your image on Instagram and offering you our marketing strategies and tools.

audit des médias sociaux


marketing automation


campagne Instagram Stories


challenges TikTok marketing


Executive Manager

Instagram Marketing

We help you boost your presence on Instagram and other networks by increasing your followers, likes, and interactions organically. Our ad-free approach relies on marketing strategies that promote word-of-mouth and natural visibility, essential for enhancing engagement and proving your popularity. Unlike buying followers, which can risk suspending your account, we use approved methods for lasting success. Thanks to our expertise and network, we accelerate your growth with real likes and followers, while remaining transparent about our methods, compliant with Meta's rules.

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Instagram automation, DM & Scheduling... unlimited

Developed with the official Meta API, Insta'Pilot is a POWERFUL web tool allowing you to automate your Instagram Messenger. Automatic sending of Direct Messages (DM) to a list of accounts, unlimited with all options (duration, random delays, etc.), scheduled publication, and different subscription and unsubscription functions. Insta'Pilot manages multi-Instagram accounts! It is also the ideal tool for model agencies. The functions are totally unlimited at Reso.Ai in terms of usage, number of clients and sending.

Tools Pack   InstaPilot only (£9/month)
Meilleure alternative à ManyChat


The ChatBot IA which replaces ManyChat

Developed with the official Meta API, Insta'Chat is a powerful ChatBot if you want to optimize your presence on Facebook Messenger & Instagram.


The great advantage of InstaChat lies in its simplicity and flexibility. No matter your field of activity – e-commerce, coaching, education, health, beauty – it allows you to create a tailor-made chatbot that reflects the identity and needs of your business. This personalization gives you control over the information to transmit to your customers and prospects, making the interaction more relevant and effective.


Using a chatbot through InstaChat helps nurture and grow your lead and prospect base, crucial for the growth of your business. Insta'Chat's ergonomic interface is another major asset. It is visual and intuitive, making creating and managing your chatbot accessible even if you are not a technology expert.

Tools Pack   InstaChat only (£9/month)

InstaChat mieux que ManyChat

Let's stay tuned

Our Customer Technical Support is FREE, open and responsive 24 hours a day. If you are not yet a customer, you can use Live Chat.

Our Customer Technical Support is FREE, open and responsive 24 hours a day. If you are not yet a customer, you can use Live Chat.